Ziggy Marley & Arsenals Ska at Luminato Festival

This past weekend one of the band’s our dad plays in, The Arsenals Ska band, performed live at our annual school fun fair and entertained the neighbourhood with their high energy antics and Dizzy (the trombone player)’s crazy silly dancing, jumping and sound effects that made everyone notice the live music. Most bands would have been tired out after such a high energy performance but The Arsenals were just warming up and that night they opened for Ziggy Marley at David Pecaut Square for Luminato Festival.

IMG_2266 2

Dad has opened for Ziggy’s Toronto shows in the past, with his other band Kidd Rasta and The Peacemakers but this was the first time our crew got to attend. It was also the day before Father’s Day AND dad’s birthday, so we were all very happy to spend the whole day and night watching him do what he loves to do best, play live music.


It’s hard to describe how much energy the Arsenals have unless you’ve seen them perform so check out this video of their performance, that starts with a rockin’ bass solo by Shaky J (dad) and be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think. We know it got us so excited, we just couldn’t sit still, we had to get up and dance.

After seeing two Arsenals shows in one day, we were getting a little tired but then it hit us that we were about to see Ziggy Marley, oldest son of Bob Marley perform LIVE and we got our energy right back! We even got to watch Ziggy from on the stage where dad had performed, which gave us a view over everyone in the audience. We wanted to go right up to the front of the stage but as mom said, we were the only ‘little people’ (kids) at the show, so we had a better view from the band’s spot.


We listen to a lot of reggae music and were familiar with Ziggy’s music but it was really exciting to see him perform live and now that we have, we hope to secure an interview with him the next time he comes to Toronto. I know I’d love to talk to him about his family and his kids book and how he stays in touch with his family when he’s on the road.

I can’t choose one favourite song from Ziggy’s performance but he opened with the big song from his last album, “Love is My Religion” which is mom’s favourite song. Here is my visual “I love Ziggy” display, I hope you enjoy it.




One thing I love about reggae music is that it is for everyone, people of all ages, races, religions, it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you believe in, if you like music you should try listening to reggae, it is meant to be positive and it really is. There were not a lot of kids at this show because it was a night time event but I know kids all over the world love Ziggy’s music as much as my brother, sister and I do. I even ran into my teacher at the show which was a fun surprise!

Let us know which reggae artists you like and if you need any recommendations don’t hesitate to ask. =)


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